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Top 5 Best FREE Android Launchers 2016!

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Top 5 Best FREE Android Launchers 2016!Hey, in this post I’ve included the best 5 android launchers of 2016 that you can easily download from play store. And what’s exciting is that you can get some additional widgets with theses launchers!

The video below includes 5 launchers that are among the “Most popular Android Launchers“. Launchers included in the list are developed by Nokia, Microsoft, Google & others. You can watch the video by clicking the link given below.

Top 5 Best FREE Android Launchers 2016!

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Launchers included:

Nova Launcher 

It has highly customized and performance driven home screen and it accepts no substitutes.
Nova Launcher is indeed the top launcher for modern Android phones, embracing full Material Design throughout. It looks quite identical to Google Now Launcher.

Google Now Launcher

Google Now launcher is developed by Google and comes pre-installed with every Nexus device. It is available for free in Play Store. It is simple to use and easy to access.

Arrow Launcher

This launcher is developed by “Microsoft Corporation”. Arrow is a simple personal launcher for Android that offers a radical simplification of the Android experience. Arrow is packed with battery and memory saving technology. It is light, fast and efficient.

Z launcher

Nokia Z launcher is developed by Nokia and is currently in beta stage. Searching an app is just a doodle away. What makes it different from other launchers is its unique features and adding to it, It is absolutely free!

GO launcher

Go launcher is one of the oldest and most popular launcher that you can download from Play Store. It has  got multiple amazing themes that will make you awe-struck! So now you just have to customize the theme according to your need.


Top 5 Best FREE Android Launchers 2016!: So guys that’s it for this post! Feel free to comment below 🙂

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