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Top 10 Keyboard under Rs 5000 in India (2022)

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Top 10 Keyboard under Rs 5000 in India (2022) – Our Picks

Top 10 Keyboard under Rs 5000 : Looking for top 10 keyboard under Rs 5000? The keyboard is a fundamental piece of the PC framework.Well, there are various kinds of keyboards. Based on your utilization and reason, you have to choose the correct console type.

The gaming keyboard becomes a worth consideration in the lives of the gamers. In case you utilize your PC generally for hardcore gaming’s, you will definitely require the smart mechanical or gaming keyboard instead of a standard keyboard.

A gaming keyboard will definitely give you personal game experience. The macros in gaming keyboard will additionally improve the experience.

In case you are searching for the best keyboard in India for gaming purposes, this article is for you. We will present to you the names of the models that can help you a lot in the objective.

We have updated the article as the top 10 Keyboard under Rs 5000(2022). Moreover, they also come with the Latin unit features and eye-catching decisions that will make them stand out of the conventional type.


Here are the Top 10 Keyboard under Rs 5000 in India (2022):-


CORSAIR K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard – Best Overall

CORSAIR K55 RGB Gaming Mechanical Keyboards under 5000


You can consider this gaming keyboard under top 10 Keyboard under Rs 5000,  rather than just the regular keyboard for enjoying the comfortable gaming experience. Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard works with the detachable soft rubber designed wrist rest.

This is the high-end gaming keyboard that works with a wrist pad to avoid wrist pain. What’s more! on rubber wrist rest, you will get the added convenience of keeping your wrists and playing the game more comfortably.

What makes the keyboard a standard one is a speck of IP42 dust and spill-resistant technology. These entities lead to protection against accidents and keeping the gameplay on.

When you move on to the left side, you can see that there are six macro keys. All the keys become programmable, which leads to the addition of gaming commands to keys.

You’ll get the RGB lighting that makes it perfect. Corsair K55 keyboard also comes along with the three-zone dynamic RGB backlighting and ten preconfigured vivid lighting.

Besides all this, you’ll get dedicated volume and media controls, with the help of which you can get quick control over music as well as gaming sound.


  • It has a great build quality
  • There are programmable custom keys
  • You will require no software for RGB effect
  • You’ll get the windows to lock key
  • There are quiet and responsive keys


  • Some people don’t find it perfect

Logitech Prodigy G213 – Runner-Up Pick

Logitech Prodigy G213
Logitech Prodigy G213


The Logitech Prodigy G213 Keyboard is a reasonably priced model that presents brilliant color spectrum illumination. It comes with 5 lighting zones. You’ll get an effortless selection from over 16.8 million colors.

You’ll get the availability of the dedicated media control keys as well as 12 Macro keys. So, you’ll get both customization and convenience. The remarkable part of that is it works with the spill and splash resistance.

So, you’ll get the performance-driven gaming keyboard. The remarkable part is that during gaming, you’ll get the ability to play faster than a conventional keyboard.

You’ll also get the availability of the performance-tuned keys to control the tactile feel and gaming-grade performance.

With it, you’ll get the brilliant color spectrum illumination that will let you personalize five lighting zones. You’ll get the spectrum that gives the ability to match your setup along with the specific games.

What makes it better is the Software that allows the synchronized lighting effects with Logitech G devices.

Besides, you’ll also get the custom options to match the requirements. When tested under limited conditions you’ll get the protection a giant maximum of 60 ml liquid spillage.

The smart unit comes with the Performance Tuned Keys that are 4x faster than standard ones.


  • The keyboard is lightweight, at just 1.09 Kg
  • The unit is highly customizable
  • It has dedicated software


  • The major constraint is that it lacks on the fly macro recording

Gamdias Hermes E1 A Mechanical Keyboard – Best Combo Offer

Gamdias Hermes E1
Gamdias Hermes E1


The keyboard Hermes E1A combo comes with waterproof and clicks mechanical switches. With it, you’ll get the 3200 DPI precise optical sensor that is powered by ZEUS E2. You can also upgrade the unit for getting accuracy in gameplay.

Gamdias certified Mechanical switches make the unit a fantastic model for offering switches with a longer life cycle. So, it becomes better than the normal membrane switch.

What’s more amazing is that you can see that it mimics the click tactile feedback mechanical switch. It does without making the keycaps bottom out.

With this unit, you can get a true color and style. It also works with the zoned backlighting system and multiple lighting effects. Overall, you’ll get the 4 brightness levels for adjusting.

Besides, you’ll also get the 10Fn+Function keys for multimedia. It works with the maxing out at 3,200 dpi. There is the availability of the centered dpi control button. In every way, this keyboard allows changing the sensitivity on the fly.

What makes it amazing is the fact that it allows Keeping hands comfortable in the heat. So, you’ll get the top priorities with this amazing model designed for hands to match the natural curvature and structure.

You’ll also get the double-layer fabrics that assist in easing the pressure on the wrist during gameplay.

What’s more! You’ll also get the non-slip rubber back to stay confident in the mouse movement.


  • The keyboard size is perfect for gaming for sure
  • The product quality is nice, along with the good quality mechanical keyboard


  • This model isn’t good for the hardcore gamer

Redgear Blaze 7 Color Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Redgear Blaze 7
Redgear Blaze 7


Redgear Blaze 7 color gaming keyboard has the 7 LED color back light’s that give access to the fantastic experience while playing the game. Floating keycaps present in it give a mechanical feel.

Standard keyboards keys in it lose the convenience of working when pressed simultaneously. This is the right quality set up that works with the anti-ghosting keys.

With this gaming keyboard, you’ll get the 19 keys anti-ghost. What’s more! You’ll get the anti-ghosting feature sheer the key commands to start working without any error.

You won’t have to ever keep the LED lights turned due to the reason that the turned off LED lights lets you see the print of key letters as well.

Overall, we can claim that Floating keycaps, 7 LED color back light’s, Windows key lock, 19 keys anti-ghost, as well as the Aluminum structure make it a fantastic model.


  • It is comfortable to use
  • It works with the LED color lighting
  • The Aluminum metallic body is fantastic


  • You won’t be getting hand rest and multimedia keys


CIRCLE Ballistic Gaming Keyboard

CIRCLE Ballistic Gaming Keyboard
CIRCLE Ballistic Gaming Keyboard


It comes with the 10 group macro definition keys that hold the mechanical axis hotkeys. So, it aids the prevention of confusion using design apart. It stands for pica tinny rail technology that fosters the military mechanical design.

With this keyboard, you’ll also get the high – speed USB 2.0 Hub.

Moreover, the dual touch key function along with the back cable coiling gives good capability. It has the multi-function card reader and is compatible with windows 98 se/2000/me/XP/Vista/win 7/8/mac.

The key type of mechanical axis hotkeys serve the function of dual touch key function

You’ll get the multi-function card reader speed that you won’t find elsewhere. Though it is the weirdest looking board, yet it serves as the best keyboard for the money.

What makes it remarkable is that it has regular 104 + 8 customizable and media control third key-switches.

The remarkable part is that the switches serve a dual purpose that helps Dual Function key to work with flexibility.

It is available at the top left corner. Availability of the integrated Memory Card Reader, Volume Control Knob as well as a USB 2.0 port ensure that you’ll face the least problems. You can rest assured that it is a high-functionality keyboard.


  • The keyboard is unique
  • There is a Dual Function Macro key that works as a good inclusion
  • You’ll get the volume Knob that feels a good implementation


  • You’ll get only 8 Keys (here the WASD and arrow keys) that prove to be mechanical

Asus Cerberus MKII

Asus Cerberus MKII
Asus Cerberus MKII


Cerberus MKII Keyboard comes with a durable 20-million-keystroke lifespan that makes them remarkable membrane switches. With it, you’ll get the multi-color LED-backlit that aids in providing you up to three illumination modes.

What makes it smart is that you can be customized via the intuitive interface. It also gives the convenience of creating macros and shortcuts for all keys.

With this Cerberus keyboard, you can get access to programming up to 12 macros for complex in-game actions or commands. There is an integrated drain hole that leads to the prevention of the liquids trapped inside the keyboard. So, you’ll get the easy cleanup after spills.

The remarkable part of this keyboard is that besides the great to use feel, you will also get the individual stabilized optical switches that will be delivering consistent feedback along with the minimal wobble.

It is tested for its purity in terms of the red switches along with activation distance. The high quality shine through legends you’ll be getting will ensure that there are no chances of facing the low-quality issues anymore.

It comes with the multi-color fully backlighting that will let you express uniquely. You’ll get the availability of the full SECC metal plate that offers the amazing rugged durability along with the 12 macro keys.

Overall, you’ll get the tactical flexibility. With the splash-proof design that is supported by the drain hole, you’ll get the protection against spilled liquids. Overall, you’ll also get the fully rubberized feet that give the attainment of enhanced friction for strong movements


  • The keyboard presents an excellent robust build
  • The equipment is Splash-proof
  • There are 12 Macro Keys
  • You’ll get good customer service


  • It is not at all compatible with macOS

Ant Esports MK3400V2 W

Ant Esports MK3400V2 W
Ant Esports MK3400V2 W


This is the keyboard that comes with the presentation of all non-conflict keys, removable Keycaps, as well as the strengthened Space Key. With this keyboard, you’ll get specially designed keys that ensure enhanced durability as well as tactile feedback.

Overall, with it, you’ll get the professional gaming feeling and tactile typing experience. Moreover, you’ll also get a slightly quieter setup that is perfect for fitting gaming purposes and office use.

You’ll get different segments in this mechanical blue switch that makes it boast with the professional mechanical brown switches.

What makes it remarkable is that it comes with tactile feedback as well as low-noise audible click all of which become ideal for the best overall gaming performance e-sports and more tactile everyday typing.

You’ll get the ergonomic design with this model that works with the perfect curves, 2 rubberized holders, the ladder-design, all of which come under the bottom.

You’ll also get the streamlined key from high to low. Besides, you’ll also get the gold-plated corrosion free USB connector that will help in the reliable connection. So, be ready to enjoy gaming while reducing fatigue.

It makes use of the growing trends that ensure that the connectivity will be perfect for giving you an impressive line of results.

The new compact form factor along with the low profile switch ensures that you will get the tactile and audible feedback generation that you won’t find elsewhere.

The light-speed connection of this gaming keyboard ensures that it will make a connection with the Bluetooth an effortless task.

Overall, we can say that, with this unit, you’ll get the unique mechanical feeling that offers medium resistance, precise actuation, as well as an audible click sound.


  • You’ll get the delivery that is full-on the mechanical part
  • It comes with the Good build quality and the clicks are good


  • The font you get on it is not very clear


Circle Adroit 7 Color RGB

Circle Adroit 7 Color RGB
Circle Adroit 7 Color RGB


The Circle Adroit comes with the 7 color RGB backlighting as well as the 19 Key Anti-Ghosting. So, you’ll be the 104 standard keys along with the 6 multimedia keys. Overall, you’ll get the waterproofing film that will lead to advanced protection from small splashes.

With this unit, you’ll get the intelligent, independent key lock as well as the windows key lock.

Overall, with it, you’ll get the lifespan of 10 Million Keystrokes. When you get the in-built memory, it helps in retaining the last setting 19 key anti-ghost.

It is ergonomically designed that will reduce fatigue for a long time. It also makes use of 6 multimedia keys that have high-quality ABS for environmental protection.

You can rest assured that it will present the contoured shape, sweat-resistant design, as well as skin-friendliness. So, it becomes the ideal choice for gamers and typists

Overall, it behaves as the durable & Water-Resistant unit that works with the double-shot-molded ABS key caps. Durable and abrasion-resistant keyboard ensure that you’ll get the incredible 50-million-keystroke lifespan along with lifespan and durability.


  • With this unit, you’ll get the good build quality
  • The keyboard gives the nice Key feel


  • The logo fails from glowing
  • Doesn’t work with macOS
Zebronics Mechanical Keyboard Max Plus
Zebronics Mechanical Keyboard
Zebronics Mechanical Keyboard


Thus is the mechanical keyboard that utilizes the full-size mechanical keyboard along with the blue switches. With this piece, you can rest assured that it will be tactile, durable, as well as faster.

The overall heavy-duty and sturdy keyboard works well enough for gaming. With the  104 keys as well as 14 multimedia keys, you can get the integrated media controls for control over the sound while playing games.

It also helps with watching movies or listening to music. The 36.5mm thick keyboard is retractable that supports the work with the stand to give comfortable gameplay or also the typing position.

The RGB lighting of this Max Plus keyboard works best with the ten different LED light modes as well as five levels of LED brightness. Suspended and double key caps ensure durability while using it.


  • You’ll get the Sturdy and strong gaming keyboard
  • It comes with the long, braided cable
  • There are multicolor LED modes


  • The only flaw is that there is no wrist rest
Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02 Gaming Keyboard
Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02
Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02


This is the keyboard that features the fantastic RGB color effect. It comes with the seven colors of the RGB back-lit along with the nine back-lit effects, as well as four levels of brightness adjustment.

What makes it amazing is the fact that you’ll get keys that are scratch-resistant yet easy to clean. For cleaning and keeping them up for long years, you can easily remove keys.

You can do so by pulling it off the keyboard. What’s more! With these units, you’ll also get a high chance of surviving accidental spills.

The keyboard is mechanical and works fantastically with the elevated key design that can offer a mechanical feel. You’ll also get the set of multimedia hotkeys to give quick access to media control.

You’ll also get control over the sound, and the internet.

Overall, the functionalities of the integrated multimedia hot keys include play/pause, stop, volume up/down, previous, next, and mute. With this unit, you’ll get the braided cable 1.6 meters long, and the gold-plated interface.


  • You can rest assured about getting the scratch-resistant keycaps
  • The keyboard is easy to clean
  • Multicolor LED is an amazing part
  • You’ll also get the availability of the braided cable


  • The model does not come with the arm-rest


So, I hope you found my post on “Top 10 Keyboard under Rs 5000” helpful. If you think we missed something, be sure to let us know.

Also, In case you have any queries regarding this, you can feel free to let me know by commenting in the comments section below & I’ll be happy to help you out.

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