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Play Tekken 7 Android, iOS (Best Methods)

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Today, In this post, I am gonna be showing you guys “How To Play Tekken 7 on Android & iOS” when it comes out. So following are the 2 best methods from my point of view on how to play Tekken 7 on any android device without requiring root access.

  • Moonlight Game Streaming Method (Requires a PC)
  • LiquidSky (Without PC)

Play Tekken 7 Android, iOS (BEST METHODS)

Tekken 7 Android iOS

  • Moonlight Game Streaming

Play Tekken 7 Android & iOS: So this basically is an app through which you can stream any of your PC game directly onto your android or ios device. It requires a supported NVIDIA’s graphics card, so do keep this in mind.

This method will work both for Android as well as for iOS. All you need to do for this is just download “Moonlight Game Streaming app” into your smartphone. Once this is done then make sure that you have installed NVIDIA’s Geforce Experience software on your PC. r smartphone with your

Once all this is done then pair your smartphone with your PC. Again, this requires a supported NVIDIA’s graphics card. So if you don’t have one then you can try the next method.

These are two of the videos made by me which might help you in setting up the “Moonlight Game Streaming” app.

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  • For Android Users (on How To Setup “Moonlight Game Streaming”)

For iOS Users (on How To Setup “Moonlight Game Streaming”)

  • LiquidSky (Without PC)

Play Tekken 7 Android & iOS: Now, if you’ve been following me on my YouTube channel, you would know that you can play almost any pc game onto your android device using LiquidSky. The best thing with this is that you don’t require a PC. You’ll be provided with a cloud PC by Liquidsky after you’ve signed up for an account and you have enough LiquidSky Skycredits.


  • You need a good internet speed. (more than 5 Mbps)
  • An Android device.

Now to use this method you’ll need enough skycredits which you can gain for free by watching ads or by purchasing a plan which starts from $4.99.

Also, this method is currently available only for Android, so iOS users – you’ll have to wait till it gets released on the AppStore.

NOTE: LiquidSky is temporarily not working on Android.

After you’ve done all you need to do is just install Liquidsky on your cloud PC and that’s it.


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