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How To Extract .iso file from .7z/.rar (For PS2 Games)

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How To Extract .iso file from .7z/.rar (For PS2 Games): So many of you were having the problem to extract the .iso file from the .7z or .rar file in order to play ps2 game on your android. So i decided to make a blog post.

From below you can know step by step “how to extract .iso file from  .7z/.rar file.

How To Extract .iso file from .7z/.rar (For PS2 Games)

  • Download RAR from here onto your android smartphone.
  • Open RAR & Click on ALLOW (in Android 6 & above).
  • Go to the folder where you have downloaded the .rar/.7z file


  • Tap & hold the .7z/.rar file.
  • Click on Extract files & then click on browse.


  •  Extract them in the Play folder or the root of sd card.
  • From the extracted files you’ll see the .iso file.
  • That’s it. If you  have followed all the instructions carefully then you’ll be able to see the game in the Play app.
  • If not then tap on “Unsorted” in the play app it will definitely show you the game.

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