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5 thoughts on “How I Got Google Adsense Approval For My 10 Days Old Blog !

  1. Hello Kaushal,
    I will surely try to solve your problem.Please provide me with your website so that I can see your website and guide you accordingly 🙂

  2. Hi,
    My website is
    I had copied image from google and uploaded on website and some content are even copied to some extent. Now after seeing your website, I have removed majority of copied content and image and slowly creating images and 100% original content. Will it work?

  3. Hi,
    Well I think that you will definitely get google adsense approval if your website has fulfilled all its necessary terms & conditions – . Thoroughly read the terms and conditions & modify your website according to it as google will only provide you adsense approval once they are sure that the website has fulfilled all their terms & conditions.

    I was also rejected many times. I personally think that your website is very well maintained with nice thumbnails and has a very good chance of getting adsense approval.You need to make sure that there is no copyrighted content as google can easily detect the copyright content,No use of copyrighted images.And also make sure that your website is optimized with Google Webmaster Tools.
    Best of luck!

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