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Hovershoes Review | Hover Shoes – Are they Worth it?

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Hovershoes are catching up the trend. BIG YouTubers like CaseyNeistat and TechSmartt have already made videos on it. This could turn out to be the Biggest Trend of 2018. So let me tell you what it is, the specs, pros and cons and are they really worth the investment?

Hovershoes Review 2018

So Hovershoes, In simple words are the new type of Hoverboards… which have started to catch up the trend. They do exactly what Hoverboard except they have a completely different design and they come with a Pair.

A Chinese company has developed technology that could make hoverboards obsolete. They are essentially two self-balancing hoverboards that attach to each foot.

The hovershoes are made with 3.5-inch wheels and wide tires. Each Hover Shoe has 250 Watt motor. That’s 500 Watts of two hovershoes. Charging takes 1.5 hours for full charge, The speed of hovershoes is 8 km/h and 8 km ride range. Each hover shoe is 2.8 Kg, Very lightweight and easy carrying.

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  • Easy to Use
  • No Stick Required (as required in hoverboards)
  • Trending


  • Expensive


All in all, if you’re someone who loves Hoverboards then chances are that you’ll absolutely love these Hovershoes! If money isn’t the issue for you then I would suggest you to get it.

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So I hope that you found this post on Hovershoes review helpful. Let me know in case you have any queries regarding this in the comments section below.



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