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Best Wireless Mouse under 1000 in India (2022)

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Are you looking for the Best Wireless Mouse under 1000 in India? So, we’re happy to tell you that your search ends here!

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on our daily lives. Given that the majority of you work from home, a good mouse and keyboard can make a significant difference in your productivity.

Wireless technology has become the industry standard, which is understandable. The days of sluggish and unresponsive wireless mouse and keyboards are over. In recent years, wireless mice and keyboards have improved in terms of functionality, efficiency, and dependability.

Wireless technology has advanced to the point that it is now on par with, if not better than, corded technology. Well, we’ll save the discussion of wireless keyboards for another day and instead focus on wireless mouse in this post.

Wireless mice have progressed significantly over time, and optical and laser mice now dominate the market. It’s difficult to know which wireless mouse is best for you among the sea of wireless mice. We don’t think so, which is why we’ve put up a list of the best wireless mouse under 1000.

Best Wireless Mouse under 1000 in India (2022)

Best Wireless Mouse under 1000

Below is the list of some of the best wireless mouse under 1000 available in the market. Find what suits you the best:

1. Logitech M331

Best Wireless Mouse under 1k

PRICE- 1,000.00

If you’re a silent lover looking for the best wireless mouse under 1000 in India, you’ve come to the right place. The Logitech M331 Silent Plus Wireless mouse is the perfect solution. T

he mouse, as its name implies, is extremely quiet. By distracting you and everyone else working around you, a mouse with an exaggerated click sound can frustrate you and everyone else. On the other hand, Logitech’s M331 mouse can simulate a click without making a noise.

Thanks to the nano receiver, the Logitech M331 may connect wirelessly up to 10 metres away. Furthermore, the device includes the company’s proprietary Advanced Optical Tracking, which allows for exact pointer movement across the majority of surfaces.

When it comes to click noise, the mouse reduces it by over 90%. When it comes to power and battery, the device employs energy-saving engineering, putting itself to sleep when not in use.


  • It has a nice touch and feel to it, and it is really pleasant to use.
  • It’s extremely light, weighing only 90g.
  • Small and portable, it’s great for carrying around a laptop.
  • 1000 DPI optical tracking for accurate movements. Wireless connection up to 10m with USB Nano Receiver.
  • The click sounds have been reduced by 90% in noise.
  • No software is required.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS.
  • For left-handed users and gamers, this is not the best option.
  • Battery life is excellent. With energy-efficient engineering, the battery can last up to 24 months.

2. Logitech Wireless Mouse M190

Best Mouse under 1000

PRICE- 895.00

On our list of best wireless mouse under 1000 rupees, the Logitech Wireless Mouse M190 comes in second. Logitech is regarded as one of the best accessory brands for a variety of reasons.

In the wireless mouse industry, Logitech has introduced several models, each with its own unique function.

The company’s M330 and M331 mice, for example, are noted for their noise reduction when it comes to click sounds. M190 is a wireless mouse that is meant to follow the natural curvature of the hand (as marketed by the brand).

Most wireless mouse are small, which can be a problem if you have a large palm. The USP here is comfort for either hand, thanks to a countered shape with strategically placed buttons.

The M190, like any other Logitech mouse, is composed of robust plastic and provides exceptional performance. It is not only performance-oriented, but also power-saving, with an 18-month use.


  • Full-size design is highly comfortable for large hands.
  • Support for the palms.
  • It’s easy to use with both your right and left hands.
  • The build quality is incredible, yet it’s also very light.
  • Features such as line-by-line scrolling and precision tracking.
  • Long battery life, up to 18 months.
  • No software is required.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS.

 3. Lenovo GY50R91293 400

Wireless Mouse at 1000

PRICE- 729.00

In my list of the best wireless mouse under 1000, the Lenovo GY50R91293 400 is one of my favourites. If you travel around the workplace and need a medium-sized mouse for short operations, the consensus is that this is the one to have.

The Lenovo GY50R91293 400 has a clean and basic design with a sturdy build. The buttons are extremely clicky, lasting up to 8 million clicks.

It is not only more attractive, but it also performs better. A 2.4 GHz USB receiver can provide a strong connection.

Even when used for lengthy periods of time, the 1200 DPI sensor and ergonomically sculpted design reduce hand fatigue.

In comparison to the Logitech models, the battery life is a touch shorter at 12 months. When compared to the aforementioned mouse, however, it is half the price.


  • Nice build and a stylish appearance.
  • It’s quite light.
  • Medium in size, with palm support, and suitable for both left and right hands.
  • Buttons that click with a pleasing sound.
  • resolution up to 1200 DPI
  • You can use it for casual gaming as well.
  • Average Battery life estimated 12 months.
  • No software is required.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS.

4. Dell Wireless Mouse WM118

Mouse under 1000


PRICE- 619.00

Another full-sized Wirelss mouse that costs less than 1000 rupees. Despite the fact that Dell mice are not as popular as Logitech mice, they are significantly less expensive.

On this list, the WM118 is the cheapest model. This Dell wireless mouse has a good build quality and a comfortable grip.

The Dell Wireless Mouse WM118 is designed to improve daily productivity with a wireless connection of up to 10 metres.

The battery on this device is significantly superior. The device does not, in fact, include a battery. It just only one AA battery to operate, and it weighs only 54 grammes.


  • Designed for everyday use: it’s easy to use for both work and fun gaming.
  • Full-sized Palm mouse with support for both left and right-handed users.
  • It’s quite light.
  • There’s no need for software because it’s plug-and-play.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS
  • Battery life is average.

5. Logitech B170

Mouse under one thousands

PRICE- 599.00

Logitech makes outstanding wireless mouse, which is why we’ve included a third model from the company in our Best Wireless Mouse Under 1000 list.

The B170, like the other wireless mouse on the list, has a reliable wireless connection with a range of up to 10 metres.

However, unlike other Logitech models, this one only has a 12-month battery life, which isn’t entirely a bad thing.

The plug-and-play functionality is comparable to that of much more expensive wireless mouse.

The mouse’s form is extremely comfortable to operate, and the option to reassign right and left button functions makes it suitable for usage with either hand.


  • Small and compact, ideal for regular travellers.
  • Low cost.
  • Comfortable and suitable for usage with both left and right hands.
  • Advanced tracking is available as an option.
  • Battery life is good: up to 12 months.
  • No software is required.
  • For those with large hands, this is not the best option.

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With this, we have finally reached the end of our list for the best wireless mouse under 1000 in India.

If you have questions about the products listed above do feel free to comment down below and we will get back to you.

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