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Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Tempered Glass India (Cheap)

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Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Tempered Glass India (Cheap)So, Hello and Welcome to Today I’m gonna be showing you what I think is the best cheap galaxy s8 tempered glass that you can buy in India. Now, there are a lot of screen protectors available for more than 1000 rupees. But are they worth it? Probably not. I’ve already seen so many reviews on those expensive tempered glasses. There doesn’t seem to be much difference between this tempered glass below and the other tempered glasses made by top companies.

Here I’ve listed the best tempered glass protector for Galaxy S8 under 500 rupees in India. I bought this myself and was quite impressed. I also made a dedicated video for this –

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Tempered Glass India (Cheap)

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Buy Now (Black):
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Also, Check out the NEW best-tempered glass from below.

Even though I am not good at applying tempered glass on a smartphone, I somehow managed to install it perfectly well. I don’t know how it just happened 😛

Now, when I first bought the case, I didn’t think it to be so good. I mean after applying the case, I was pretty impressed.

At the time of buying it had no reviews whatsoever on the page, but I still went for it as it was cheap and the company had good ratings on some other tempered glasses that they made for other smartphones.

Does it give rainbow effect?

So far I haven’t seen any kind of rainbow effect on the tempered glass. Everything seems to be working fine.

Do you face touch issues?

Probably minor issues are there, but that is not a huge problem for me. On Galaxy S8, this is normal if you apply a tempered glass. Again, the problem may not even be noticeable to you.

Any alternative for this?

I’ve linked two more screen protectors from the same company above. You can check it out.

Also If the price is not a problem you can go for the following screen protectors (tempered glasses) and you won’t be disappointed…


More Best Tempered Glass for Samsung Galaxy S8 India –


Spigen Screen Protector (Not Tempered)


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Thank you for your time!

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