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Best Mobile Phones for Diwali 2017 – Top Smartphones!

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Best Mobile Phones for Diwali: So Diwali is coming and you’re here probably because you are looking for a good smartphone to buy this diwali. Today I’ll be showing you some of the best mobile phones /smartphones that you can buy this diwali. So be sure to go through the full post 🙂

I’ve divided this post in to 3 parts

  • Best Smartphones
  • Smartphones around 30k
  • Budget Smartphones

Best Mobile Phones for Diwali 2017

best mobile phones for diwali

Here are some of my  Top suggestions.

Best of the Best Smartphones:


iPhone 8

If you have the budget then why not go for the Best?!!


Samsung Galaxy Note 8

This won’t BLAST. This is one of the best-looking smartphones in 2017!


Smartphones around 30k:

Following are some of the best smartphones under 30k.


One Plus 5

This is pure value for money SMARTPHONE with amazing specs. The only downside to this is that its a Chinese smartphone and I’ve heard some about service issues.



Another really cool looking smartphone with great specs.


Budget Smartphones:

Lenovo k8 Note

This is one of the most popular smartphones of 2017 with really good specs for its price.


Redmi 4A

This one is also a really popular smartphone. Definitely one of my top recommended smartphones!

Another great smartphone by Motorola!



Best Mobile Phones for Diwali – Depending upon your budget you can choose any smartphone listed above that suits you the best!

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