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Best Keyboards Under 4000 in India (2022)

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Are you looking for the best keyboards under 4000? So, we’re happy to tell you that your search ends here !!!

Mechanical Keyboards are the ones that use spring instead of rubber domes (found in regular keyboards) and have those gratifying clickety click keys. They are also easier to type on and last a lot longer than a standard rubber keyboard.

Most PC manufacturers have over a period of time switched to the cheap Membrane Keyboard for cost saving, but you can still get your self a Mechanical keyboard without spending too much. These keyboards are an excellent choice for heavy gamers, desktop users, and coders.

Which Mechanical Keyboard should you buy? Well, there are plenty of choices out there in the market, and if you are still confused on which will suit you the best, we are here to help you.

Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 4000 (2022)

best Keyboards Under 4000 in india

Below is the list of some of the best mechanical keyboards under 4000 INR available in the market. Find what suits you the best:

1. ZEBRONICS Zeb-MAX Chroma Premium Mechanical Keyboard

Keyboards Under 4000

PRICE- 4,000

Comfortable typing and gaming are both possible while using the ergonomic ZEB-Max Chroma premium mechanical keyboard. The keyboard features 104 mechanical keys, including 12 multimedia keys with tactile feedback. Additionally, there are six LED speed options, as well as 18 preprogrammed presets and a programmable mode. In addition to the six lights, there is an OFF mode, and an RGB LED rest for added comfort.

Mechanical blue switches and an RGB backlighting both contribute to the keyboard’s gaming focus. If you’re looking for a more fluid experience in all that you do, the mechanical keyboard has 12 built-in media keys.

With a full-size 104-key keyboard, a wrist rest, and ergonomically spread-out keys, the ZEB-Max Chroma is a joy to use. In order to avoid distractions while playing, ZEB-Max Chroma has an enable/disable function key for windows.

A braided USB cable with a gold-plated connector is included with the mechanical keyboard as standard equipment. Retractable stands and a rubberized bottom grip make it easy to hold on. The ZEB-Max Chroma mechanical keyboard’s RGB backlit keys provide 18 pre-programmed LED modes plus a configurable setting, as well as six LED speed modes. With six brightness levels and a “off” setting, you may adjust the brightness to your preference.

The mechanical keyboard’s RGB Wrist Relaxation helps gamers get proper rest and contributes to an overall LIT gaming setup, making it a must-have accessory.


2. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-11 Aluminium Mechanical Keyboard

Keyboard Under 4000 in 2021

PRICE- 3,550

Among mechanical keyboards, the Cosmic Byte CB-GK-11 is the most popular in India. Full 104-mechanical Blue/Brown switches make up the device’s aluminium body. There are 13 different RGB backlight effects to choose from, all of which may be customised in terms of colour.

Not only that, but when you shut down your computer, your keyboard retains the colour settings you have previously used.

An elegant aluminium design with a glowing “Cosmic Byte” emblem on the side. With four levels of brightness effects dedicated to eight gaming-specific lighting settings, the brightness can be adjusted. Each of the keys in Cosmic Byte has a 50 million-key life expectancy.

It takes 45gm of force to activate the JI XIAN switches. Gaming or typing on the wrist rest pad is more comfortable for a longer amount of time.

In comparison to other mechanical keyboards, the Cosmic Byte budget mechanical keyboard features “click” switches, which are preferred by TYPISTS, BLOGGERS, PROGRAMMERS, CONTENT WRITERS, and GAMERS.

Ergonomic design, 10-full keys, and more than 13 backlighting options make this the greatest cheap mechanical keyboard for gaming. Redgear MK881 is the closest rival.

Because it’s braided, this cable should hold up well and be useful for a long time. Two metres of USB cable are included in this mechanical keyboard’s price range. They have a detachable wrist pad that may be removed and replaced if necessary.

A 1200mHZ polling rate is supported by the keys on this keyboard. It contains 8 dedicated multimedia function keys for faster media access, such as media control, sound, the internet, and more.

The double short injection technology in keycaps prevents the letters/characters from fading even if they are often used for a long period of time. The cheap mechanical keyboard’s Muti function hotkeys enable for a more efficient gaming/work session.

Weighted at 1.41 kg, it keeps the keyboard from sliding about while you play. Also included is a keycap puller, which is useful for removing the keyboard’s keycaps in the event of an accidental spill.


3. HK Gaming GK61 Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

mechanical Keyboards Under 4000


You’ve probably never heard of the HK Gaming GK61. What about mechanical keyboards? To answer your question, if so, why should you do so? HK Gaming GK61 is a pricey mechanical keyboard, to be honest.

If you’re looking for TKL keyboards in India, you’re going to have to pay a little more for them than usual. Even though Cosmic Byte’s CB-GK-14 Sirius costs less, HK Gaming GK61 is the best mechanical keyboard for programming in India if you’re looking for a similar pricing point.

Now, the TKL keyboard has three colour options: Gateron Optical Blue, Gateron Optical Brown, and Gateron Optical Yellow. Optical switches and USB-C cable connection are included in this mechanical keyboard india. ‘

Using a USB-C cable, the connection may be easily detached for optimal use. Optical switches are touted to be more durable than mechanical switches, with a guarantee of 100 million keystrokes for each.

The actuation point is 1.5mm in order to provide a greater response time. Gateron switches, on the other hand, have Light Strike technology, which transfers horizontal infrared beams to the inner breadth of the keyswitch to establish connection quickly.

The optical mechanism of the HK Gaming GK61 tenkeyless mechanical keyboard india is the reason for all of these advantages. Fast, responsive, and tactile Gateron switches allow you to game on this device without having to worry about missed keystrokes.

Keys on the HK Gaming GK61 rgb mechanical keyboard india are simply swappable and can be replaced with keys of your preference. Because the keys are not soldered to the keyboard, mechanical keys from Amazon may be readily swapped out.

Overall, the HK Gaming GK61 – 10 keyless mechanical keyboard India is a fantastic, compact, and quick keyboard. Gateron Optical Brown switches are a little more expensive than the yellow keys, but if you don’t care about sound, go with Blue.

However, are they the best mechanical keyboards for typing? ‘ It’s safe to assume that you can write code on it without any mistakes because of the acceptable level of comfort. In order to use the software’s macros, you only need a basic understanding of it.

If you’re wanting to construct a beautiful PC on a tight budget, this keyboard is your best bet right now. After opening the keyboard, you’ll notice that everything is programmable; the switches are fantastic; and the small form is perfect for those who want a more traditional keyboard layout.


4GAMDIAS Hermes M5 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Keyboard Under 4000


There’s something unique about the Gamdias Hermes M5, thanks to its six LED lights and improved aluminium finish, as well as its dual coloured keycaps and N-key roller on the 32-bit arm cortex CPU. Stylish and effective, this mechanical keyboard ticks all the right boxes.

Multicolor keycaps, N-key rollovers, and six lighting effects are just some of the new features of the HERMES M5 keyboard.

Essentially, it’s the keyboard that combines both aesthetics and practicality. Keyboard HERMES M5 is an elegant mechanical keyboard. Built-in memory and five configurable lighting effects are included in this keyboard’s five presets. Record your signatures by pressing the FN + F keys on this wonderful keyboard.

One of the best mechanical keyboards on the market. Six built-in lighting effects and five brightness settings, with RGB lighting, are included. The brushed metal finish on the HERMES M5’s front plate and the watch’s forged aluminium bezel give it a distinctive look. The cable is 1.5 metres long.

Maintain a clean desktop arrangement while introducing a new mechanical keyboard into the room. Transparent and fresh keycaps are available in Hygge decor. This tranquilly can now be brought into your gaming experience.

This is a well-built mid-range keyboard that’s pleasant to look at and listen to. Thanks to (Mint) Linux compatibility, this is my first LED gaming keyboard. Just the right amount of glitz. As you can see, I’m aiming for perfection with my blue and white colour scheme.

It’s not only visually appealing, but it also has a lot of useful features. However, it is only available in one colour.


5Gigabyte Mechanical Orginal Cherry Blue Keyboard – Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard

Keyboards Under 4k


Your search for the best mechanical keyboard under 4000 with Cherry MX switches has come to a conclusion right here.

Cherry MX switches have been used in Gigabyte’s new mechanical keyboard. For the best affordable mechanical keyboard with Blue Cherry switches, this is a close match to TVS Gold, with a little superior feel and construction, as well as genuine Cherry MX switches.

Mechanical keyboards have a long history of providing a satisfying typing experience for their customers. It’s not just a gaming keyboard for gamers; it’s also a professional-grade RGB keyboard. There are no multimedia buttons on the keyboard, and the illumination feature is absent.

Once upon a time, numerous Indian brands offered genuine Cherry MX switches at low prices, but that is no longer the case; the best mechanical keyboard under $5,000 is only available from Gigabyte. The 104-key keyboard, which includes the number keys, is small for its size.

Even gamers can benefit from this low-cost mechanical keyboard. The keyboard’s sturdy design prevents it from flexing or moving around on the surface.

The Blue mechanical switches appear to be more popular than the RED mechanical switches. To buy a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown and Red switches, you’ll have to spend a lot of money.


6Redgear Invador MK881 Mechanical Keyboard (Black)

top 6 Keyboard in four thousands



Readgear is a company that specialises on producing high-quality gaming accessories at a reasonable cost. Redgear’s Invador MK881 mechanical keyboard is popular and inexpensive in India for a variety of reasons. Hard plastic is used in the keyboard’s structure, with a metal plate on top.

Redgear Invador MK881 mechanical keyboard India is recommended by nearly all games.
Durable rubber feet on the bottom keep it from sliding off your desk despite its long braided wire with a gold-plated USB connector.

With Kalih Blue/Brown switches, the Redgear Invador MK881 is the only product of its kind to provide users with a choice of switches. There are a few options for customising the keys, however they aren’t Cherry MX, so if you don’t like the extra clicky sound, go with brown switches instead.

One of the cheapest mechanical keyboards in India is the Redgear Invador MK881. ABS double injection moulded keycaps, comparable to Zebronics Max Pro, are all we can say for the keycaps in this keyboard.

A mechanical keyboard is a need if you’re into gaming, programming, blogging, or any of those related activities. In terms of RGB lighting, this Redgear Invador MK881 has the best, thanks to its software-controlled RGB settings.

It’s possible that this is the most affordable mechanical keyboard in India, yet it has passed every test, including anti-ghosting and n-rollover, with flying colours! Typing on this mechanical keyboard, on the other hand, is a lot of pleasure.

There are many additional or beneficial features that enhance the user’s experience, and it’s well-built. It’s possible that it’s the best mechanical keyboard for gamers under $50 on the market right now.

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With this, we have finally reached the end of our list for the best keyboards under 4000 in India.

If you have questions about the products listed above do feel free to comment down below and we will get back to you.


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