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Best Gaming Mouse Under 3000 in India (2022)

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Are you looking for the Best Gaming Mouse Under 3000 in India? So, we’re happy to tell you that your search ends here !!!

Any gamer’s equipment would be incomplete without a gaming mouse. There are thousands of models from various brands.Gaming mouse are preferred by gamer’s over ordinary mouse because they provide unique benefits such as high DPI values, tracking speeds, and polling rates.

We have the best list of gaming mouse priced under 3000 rupees. The precision clicks of a mouse are very important for those who play a lot of FPS and competitive games. A gaming mouse is specially designed with multiple programmable buttons, ergonomic design, high polling rate, and a precision sensor.

Best Gaming Mouse Under 3000 in India (2022)

best gaming mouse under 3000


Below is the list of some of the best gaming mouse under 3000 INR available in the market. Find what suits you the best (Wired & Wireless):


1. Logitech G304 Wireless Gaming Mouse

gaming mouse under 3000

PRICE: 2,595

Despite the fact that using a wireless mouse for gaming is not recommended, Logitech maintains that the G304 is just as good as a cable gaming mouse.

There are two modes on the Logitech G304 mouse: performance and endurance. The performance mode has a response time of 1 milliseconds, while the endurance mode has an 8 millisecond response time.

The G304’s Hero sensor has a maximum DPI of 12000, which is more than enough for most gaming applications.


  • 1ms response rate
  • Wireless mouse
  • LIghtweight
  • High-performance Hero sensor
  • Up to 9 months of battery life
  • 2 Years warranty

2. Cosmic Byte Equinox Gamma Gaming Mouse

mouse under 3000

PRICE: 2,549

The Cosmic Byte Equinox Gamma is a gaming console designed for gamers that prefer to play with their right hand. It is suggested that you use either a palm grip or a claw hold when using the mouse. It includes 12 programmable buttons that you can utilise to customise the mouse to your individual gaming needs.

This gaming mouse has an unique PixArt optical sensor with a resolution of up to 16000 DPI and a tracking speed of 400 IPS, as well as a high-end PixArt PMW3389 sensor.


  • 12 programmable buttons
  • 400 IPS tracking speed
  • 10 million click life
  • Gold plated USB
  • Rapid-fire button
  • 1 Year Warranty


3. Lenovo Legion M500 Gaming Mouse


5 best gaming mouse under 3000

PRICE- 2,899

The bottom of the Legion M500 has RGB lights, as does the Legion logo. The Legion software allows you to customise the lighting on this gaming mouse. This allows you to completely personalise your gaming mouse by choosing from a variety of colours and lighting effects.

The Legion M500’s clicking sound isn’t too loud, and the mouse’s scroll wheel is really smooth. The Omron switches are tactile and are rated to last up to 50 million clicks.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Gaming grade optical sensor
  • Customization software support
  • Gold plated USB connector
  • High-quality Omron switches
  • 3 years of warranty

4. Gamdias Zeus P2  Gaming Mouse

PRICE- 2,649

The Gamdias Zeus P2 has a predominantly plastic structure with a rubberized texture on the mouse’s sides for added grip.

There are eight programmable buttons on this gaming mouse. You can reassign these buttons and create macros to gain an advantage over other players. Gamdias states that its gaming mouse has a switch life cycle of 20 million cycles, which is adequate for most gamers’ demands.


  • Stylish design
  • 8 programmable buttons
  • 16000 DPI sensor
  • 20 million click life cycle
  • Good quality braided cable
  • 1 Year Warranty

5. HyperX Pulsefire Core RGB Gaming Mouse

PRICE- 2,708

Although the HyperX Pulsefire has a symmetrical design, it is not an ambidextrous mouse because the side buttons can only be accessible by right-handed users.

This wired gaming mouse features seven programmable buttons that give haptic feedback and accurate click response.

This mouse is appropriate for both competitive and casual gaming. The mouse’s tracking speed is 220 IPS, which is adequate but falls short of the 250 IPS recommended by Esport gamers.


  • 7 programmable buttons
  • 220 IPS tracking speed
  • Premium build quality
  • Gaming grade optical mouse
  • 2 Year Warranty


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With this, we have finally reached the end of our list for the best gaming mouse under 3000 in India.

If you have questions about the products listed above do feel free to comment down below and we will get back to you.

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