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Apple iPhone 8 Rumors, Leaks & Features!

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Apple iPhone 8 Rumors, Leaks & Features! The iPhone 7 was just launched but all we seem to be hearing are the rumors about the next iPhone 8 or iPhone X (whatever it might be called)

You can watch the 2 min. video from below to know everything about the upcoming iPhone (according to the latest rumors).

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors, Leaks & Features!

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Some rumors from trusted sources:


 Technically, the next iPhone should be called as the”iPhone 7S” but it is said that the next iPhone would be named as “iPhone 8” or simply the “iPhone X”, probably because next year will be the 10th anniversary of Apple.


 1. Edge to edge OLED display.

iPhone 8 Rumors

Image Source : TechDesigns

The iPhone 8 or iPhone X will be having an edge to edge OLED display with almost no bezels. The design of the device will have a huge change.


2. No Home button.

iPhone 8 Rumors

Image source: ConceptiPhones

The Next iPhone will have no home button. According to all the latest leaks, it has been confirmed that Apple will be removing the home button.


3. Touch id sensor integrated into the display.

iPhone 78 rumors iOS 11

Image source: ConceptiPhones

As there will be no home button it is very likely that the touch id sensor or fingerprint sensor will be embedded into the display.


4. Front facing camera integrated into the display.

iphone 8 glas body

Image source: Unknown

Now, this has not been confirmed but still there are possibilities that apple may do this as well.


5. Full Glass Body! (instead of aluminum body)



The phone is expected to have a full glass body this time. If this turns out to be true, It will be interesting to see how the users react to this change.


6. We may see the 3rd variant.

iPhone 7 image by apple

Image source: Apple

Now because this year will be the 10th anniversary of Apple. We can expect Apple to launch a new 3rd variant of iPhone this time.


7. iOS 11 & Apple A11 powerful processor!

The iPhone 8 or iPhone X will run on Apple A11 powerful processor and iOS 11 software out of the box. Apple has already started working on both the things.


Final words: It is expected to be an absolute beast of a smartphone!

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